Why should you hire me?

I will be completely objective while listing the reasons why you should hire me for the job, as mentioned in the following points:


In addition to my studies focusing on lighting during my educational journey, I have over three years of experience in the professional field. Through working on numerous lighting projects, I have enhanced my skills in various computer programs. Being in a different country, I am aware that there may be areas where I lack compared to German engineers. Therefore, considering my three-year career and the fact that I am in a new environment, my salary expectations are lower than those of a German engineer with three years of experience.​


I studied at one of Turkey's leading technical universities. Throughout my university years and personal life, I continuously educated myself and put in efforts to improve. The work I conducted with my lighting professor at the university, provided me with a perspective on the lighting industry and taught me what considerations are important in the field. Education is a lifelong journey for me, and I will continue to take courses and seek further training to enhance my skills.​


After 28 years in Turkey, I am about to start living in a completely different country. I am fully committed to immersing myself in German culture and learning about their business environment. The most important task for me in this regard will be dedicating myself entirely to the company I will work for.​


I believe that the most important aspect in life is being open to self-improvement. I have always preferred to be in positions where I can continuously develop myself, both in terms of work and personal life. Especially being in a different country, I am eager to learn the culture of this country and further enhance myself in this regard​


I have the analytical thinking required by my engineering abilities. My colleagues are always surprised to see how fast I can learn a topic and complete tasks independently in a short amount of time. I am quite satisfied with this characteristic of mine, as it allows me to adapt quickly to new environments.


Because of I will be relocating to Germany, I haven't chosen the specific city where I will live yet. It will depend on the location of the company I will be working for. Therefore, I can always adapt to the location of your company.